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Document Management Services - With us, Your documents are in safe hands. Schedule a pick up today.


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Document Management Services - With us, Your documents are in safe hands. Schedule a pick up today.

We use the latest hardware and software technology and pride ourselves with great customer service, while keeping the pricing low.

Our company Digital Archive Technology LLC

Digital Archive is a California based company that has been performing document conversion services for business and government agencies since 1998. We are a full service solutions oriented imaging center. We convert documents into simple to use but powerful electronic databases that are fully searchable and highly accessible.

We convert paper, microfiche, microfilm, computer files, and photographs/slides. We also provide data entry, litigation support and hosting services.

We have completed projects covering a wide range of document types, and in volumes of up to 10 million documents per phase.

Our technical excellence is based on using the latest cutting edge technology from Kodak, Bowe Bell & Howell, Fujitsu, and Kofax. Having invested heavily in our infrastructure, we are able to produce the highest quality product in the shortest time frame.

Excellence is also a result of a well trained motivated team, and we have established clear lines of authority and channels of communication to ensure accountability for a project at all levels within our organization. We have instituted rigorous quality control/quality assurance programs, since it is a priority for us to produce excellent quality deliverables that have undergone internal quality review several times prior to submittal.

Our management concept is based upon 5 principles:

  • Assist the client in choosing the most efficient and cost effective solution to their document conversion needs
  • Perform the task with technical excellence
  • Deliver the project on time
  • Safeguard the security of the client’s documents
  • Do everything possible to ensure that the client is 100% satisfied