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Document Management Services - With us, Your documents are in safe hands. Schedule a pick up today.

We use the latest hardware and software technology and pride ourselves with great customer service, while keeping the pricing low.

Document Conversion by Digital Archive

Digital Archive is a California based company that has been performing document conversion services for business and government agencies throughout the USA since 1998. We are a full service solutions oriented imaging center. We convert documents into simple to use but powerful electronic databases that are able to be searched and highly accessible. We convert paper, microfiche, microfilm, computer files, and photographs/slides. We also provide data entry, litigation support and hosting services. We have completed projects covering a wide range of document types, and in volumes of up to 10 million documents per phase. If you are interested in document conversion services or if you have any questions contact us today!

Digital Archive uses the latest hardware and software technology to scan

  • Paper (all sizes and in black and white or color)
  • Large format drawings
  • Microfiche
  • Microfilm

Digital Archive has the experience and expertise to handle your

  • Backfile Conversions
  • Day forward Conversions
  • Special handling projects such as historical collections
  • Forms Processing

The Process

Document Preparation - A very important step in making the paper document scanner ready. Our trained staff will remove staples, paper clips and other fasteners, straighten dog ears, and remove post-it notes to ensure the best possible scan.

Scan - Our scanning technicians use state of the art scanners from Kodak, Bowe Bell & Howell, and Fujitsu.

OCR - Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is designed to produce the highest quality computer generated searchable text. With OCR, you can locate and retrieve documents using a single word or phrase contained in the document.

Quality Control - Each image is reviewed, and any image not meeting our stringent requirements is returned to the queue for re-scan.

Index - One of the most critical steps in the document conversion process is capturing accurate index information, DAT will provide you with the most efficient and economical method. Options include manual data entry (including double keying), barcode scanning, ICR to capture key index information, and OCR for full text search capability of your images.

Deliverables - CD-Rom, DVD, Hard Drive, FTP, Document Hosting by DAT Using your web browser.